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Welcome to FAO-MOSAICC (for MOdelling System for Agricultural Impacts of Climate Change), the system of models designed to carry out each step of the impact assessment from climate scenarios downscaling to economic impact analysis at national level.


FAO-MOSAICC is being developed in the framework of the EC/FAO Programme on “Linking information and decision making to improve food security” (GCP/GLO/243/EC), theme 3 "Climate change and food security". More information on www.foodsec.org.


The project manager and the expert users can take advantage of this system to carry on the following tasks:

  • custom data management (upload, download, layout control and update) 
  • custom module management (upload and update)
  • run the installed modules with the available data for multiple experiments
  • geo-processing
  • publish their experiments to be used from everybody

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